Human resources and payroll services Piaseczno - Tax Box

At the TAX BOX accounting office in Piaseczno, we do not only bookkeeping, but also comprehensive HR and payroll services. Our team has many years of experience and excellent knowledge of labor law, civil and tax code, so we are able to adapt our offer to the individual needs of entrepreneurs. We invite you to cooperation!

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Human resources and payroll services in an accounting office

Human resources and payroll constitute the accounting department dealing primarily with payroll calculation and personnel service. Our personnel and payroll specialists from Piaseczno calculate and draw up payrolls, prepare documents related to establishing or terminating employment contracts, preparing tax returns, etc.
As part of HR and payroll services, our specialists perform, among others:

  • payrolls, personal files,
  • employment contracts, civil law, employment certificates,
  • settlements with ZUS, PFRON.

We also offer removal of ZUS arrears:

  • audit of accrued payrolls,
  • audit of submitted declarations to ZUS,
  • organizing employee files,
  • correcting accrued ZUS contributions,
  • correcting ZUS declaration.